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Irish Fling Pictures
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Below are a few pictures from our Irish Fling tour.
For the limericks that were written by your tour leaders, scroll down:






Irish Fling - Limericks

Here is a limerick for one and for all
And while doing it we had quite a ball.
We laughed 'til we cried,
We cheered and we sighed,
As the memories of our trip we recall.

There was a fine lady named Lyla
She's traveled many a mile-a.
She carries a bag
That would make anyone sag
Though it's not exactly in style-a.

Bill Daniel likes to get his own ice
And when he can't he's not so nice.
But once the ice came
He was back to the same
Gentleman - that would suffice.

Betty can find things for sale
If Bill we can quickly de-rail.
For grandchildren and nieces, She has found Irish pieces
To suit all their tastes, she won't fail.

Anita and Sue like to shop
They keep going until they both drop.

Meanwhile Julian and Jim
Said they were going to the gym
They stopped for a beer
And were full of good cheer
In the pub that was quite dark and dim.

We could tell by the accent at once
That Mary was definitely no dunce.
She was from Saint Louis
Where they speak kind of screwy
And have a hot fudge sundae for lunch.

Darlene's camera is joined to her hip
It doesn't require a clip
She'll have pictures to show
Of flowers that grow
And memories of a great Irish trip.

Untouchables is the movie to see.
If like Sean Connery you would like to be.
Once Page found the hat
Bill was happy with that .
Now he's got his Irish trip memory.

Arlene likes to swim in the pool.
Eight and a half strokes is the rule
She stays right on track
As she swims on her back,
And when she gets out she real cool.

Carole loves all that she sees.
She's really so easy to please.
Abe's humor is quick,
He has a great schtick
And together they travel with ease.

It's back to Ireland Kathleen
For some sights you've already seen.
But do not despair,
'Cause the horse doesn't care
That the tears that you cried were all green.

Harold has an inquisitive mind
He doesn't like to fly blind.
Many questions he'll ask
And he'll take you to task
If you're late and you get us behind.

Maileen is game for exploring.
She doesn't like life to be boring.
To Ireland she came
A real classy dame,
With Nancy she like to go touring.

Gayle came from Virginia Beach
To her Mom Nancy she's really a peach
But back home her poor hubby
Is dirty and grubby
'Cause her home town the big storm did reach.

Gilmartin's a good Irish name.
That's why Jack and Kit both are so game.
To return one more time
To this country sublime
In their hearts Ireland will remain.

Nancy Weekly got her Irish up
We heard all about it at sup
An old home in McLean
She wants to reclaim.
Watch out - she'll soon pass the cup.

Jim and Janet are having a ball.
Though Jim checks his email for a call
It lots more fun here
With shopping and beer
Than at home searching patents, you all.

We're getting to know you now, Page.
Though we've know for some years that you're sage.
Our retired director's
A crystal collector
And a discerning shopper, we'll wage.

We're glad to have Marjorie dear.
For the first time with all of us here.
She shop's til she drops
When the bus comes she stops
We hope that her VISA will clear.

Jim Loizou can teach you to dance.
With Nancy last night he did prance.
He counted to three,
And said patiently.
With more lessons she'll surely advance.

One day Jane went to the Spa
While the rest of us roamed near and far.
She took time to rest
Enjoyed being a guest
Now she's singing Tra la la la.

The waitress who always delivers
Brought Irish Coffee to Lillian Rivers.
She drank it right down
With nary a frown
And boarded the bus with no quivers.

O'Sally she's in charge of fun
She leads pubbers on the fast run
She keeps herself trim
Going daily to swim
And knows everything under the sun.

O'Mary while on Irish Fling
Surprised us with many a thing.
With her cultural forays
And musical more's
She made both hearts and lips sing.

With O'Nancy a traveling we go
To Dublin, Ashford, and Aghadoe.
Checking out hotels and flights,
She found all the sights
To make Irish Fling a great show.

That Lady named Evelyn Fox
She likes to think out of the box
When it comes to scrabble
She doesn't just dabble
She up and cleaned Mary's clocks!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
Thanks for the memories!




It's all about the journey and the friends you make along the way!

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