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"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page"
St. Augustine


Welcome to all who love to travel!

For the past seventeen years it has been my passion to plan, organize and conduct customized group tours for various community organizations.  I owned and operated Custom Group Tours Inc, a small, exclusive tour operation that was located in Vienna, Virginia. Our tour offerings ranged from local day trips around the Washington DC area, to extended overnight tours throughout the United States and Canada, Europe and beyond. Like myself, my travel team was made up of spouses of former military officers who had lived and traveled the world over.  

Our friendships spanned the globe, allowing for wonderful networking opportunities that enhanced our tours and made them truly above and beyond the ordinary!  From a visit to the Ambassador's residence in Regency Park in London, to a special performance of the Garde Republicaine in Paris, from a tour of the Superintendents Quarters at West Point, to a reception with the Burgermeister in Konstanz, Germany, we had so many touches that made our tours truly unique.

In January of 2006 I experienced a life-changing event.  My oldest son, Army Major William F. Hecker III, was killed while serving our country in Iraq.  Since then, I have closed down Custom Group Tours Inc and along with my husband moved from Virginia to Colorado Springs to be near our son's four children.....our precious grandchildren.  

I still retain my passion for travel, and find that I have a wealth of knowledge to share with others.  Friends, former clients and colleagues in the tour business continue to call and seek my advice on everything from itinerary planning and destination information, to tips on booking airfare and purchasing trip insurance.  I am always happy to provide counsel. 

It is also my pleasure to share my knowledge and experiences through the written word.  From time to time I will post travel essays on this site for all to enjoy.  I wish you all happy traveling! 

Nancy Hecker

For examples of the creativity and care that went into each of my customized tours,  please click the link below:


It's all about the journey and the friends you make along the way!  
This website is dedicated to my best friends who have traveled with me on my many tours, and more importantly on my journey through life!  Each one of you is a treasure to me!